Enrolment procedures

Parkview Pārua School enrolment zone 

Starting from the intersection of Mairehau Road and Inwoods Road, the home zone follows:

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  • North-East on Inwoods Road until Broadhaven Avenue

  • East on Broadhaven Avenue until Bower Avenue (including Wisteria Place, Forest Drive, Courtfield Close, Monterey Place and Flaxgrove Place)

  • North on Bower Avenue until Aston Drive

  • South-East on Aston Drive until Larnach Street (including Neptune Place, Stout Street, Driftwood Lane, Cockle Lane and Ballance Street)

  • East on Larnach Street until Broadpark Road

  • South on Broadpark Road until Beach Road

  • West on Beach Road until Mairehau Road

  • North on Mairehau Road until Inwoods Road (including Medina Crescent and Bolero Place)

  • Both sides of Beach Road (as it is a shared boundary)

New Entrants

For New Entrants (those children coming up to 5 years old) telephone the School Office as soon as practically possible before the child’s birthday and make an appointment to see the Principal, to allow for smooth transitioning into school. Bring his/her birth certificate and vaccination certificate. Also proof of residence within the home zone will be required. Pre-entry visits will be arranged at a later date by the child’s teacher – usually four visits. For enrolling child/children who have already commenced at another school, parents should just call at the School Office.  There will be an enrolment form to fill out. 

As the children settle into school there are a number of ways in which you can help the classroom teacher and your child:

  • Lunches - Please can these be put into a lunch box and clearly named.

  • Play Lunches - These need to be wrapped separately, named and put in the lunch box.

  • Clothing - All clothing must be clearly named and comply with the Uniform Policy.

Uniform Policy 

The Uniform Policy is to be worn whilst at school and on visits away from school. Sports uniforms will be issued by the school.  At other times, when children are representing the school, uniforms may be issued.  Some activities may be exempt from wearing the Uniform Policy eg. camps.  

The staff will support the wearing of the Uniform Policy by complimenting children on the manner in which they wear it and by encouraging children to wear it with pride.

Boys uniform

Summer - Uniform Policy should consist of a plain white or red shirt (with collar), plain black shorts, red or black sweat shirt and approved sunhat.

Winter - Uniform Policy as for summer with an additional choice of plain black track pants and white or red skivvy.  Red, black or white socks.  Suitable safe footwear. 

Girls uniform

Summer - Uniform Policy should consist of black and white or red and white gingham pinafore, culottes or plain black shorts.  These to be worn with plain white or red shirt (with collar), red or black sweat shirt and approved sunhat.

Winter - Uniform Policy as for summer but winter weight pinafores. White or red skivvy, red or black tights or black plain track pants. Red, black or white socks.  Suitable safe footwear.


It is compulsory for all children, during Term 1  and Term 4  to wear an approved sunhat when outside. The hat should have a wide brim or a bucket style (no caps).  The colour is to be red or black.

Other notes

  • Studs or sleepers only to be worn in ears. Not in nose or other parts of body.

  • The colouring of hair is not allowed.

  • No make-up or nail polish

  • Hair that is shoulder length or longer needs to be tied up

  • Only safe footwear allowed. No jandals, high heels, clogs or platform shoes allowed.

Uniforms can be purchased from The Warehouse Ltd Northwood Belfast.  From time to time second hand uniforms are sold at school.  Please contact the office re second hand uniforms.

Reporting to parents

Term 1: Meet the Team and Teacher evenings

An opportunity to meet your teacher and the teaching team your child is in.  This will include a presentation of the teams goals and objectives and a tour of your child's class learning space.

Mid year: 3 –way Learning Conference

Arranged on an appointment basis, near the end of Term Two or early Term three to discuss the mid-year progress report which is sent home at the end of Term 2.

Term 4

Summary Report goes home. Parents, teacher or child may request a Learning Conference to discuss the summary report.

New Entrants

Interviews can be arranged for the parents of New Entrant children one term after enrolment.

In our experience Informal Reporting or discussion has proved helpful.  These discussions are usually held at the request of the parents or the school at any time during the year.

Parents are most welcome to contact the Teacher or Deputy Principal whenever they wish to arrange discussions concerning a child’s progress, difficulties, health, or any other matter that may concern the child’s well-being.  In most instances this discussion would take place after an initial discussion with the child’s teacher.