I.C.T at Parkview Primary School


At Parkview Primary we work hard to embed e-learning in all that we do.

E-learning is all about providing accessible, relevant, and high-quality learning opportunities to improve student engagement and achievement.

It is about using technologies effectively across the curriculum to connect schools and communities and to provide learning opportunities so that every student is better able to achieve their full potential.

Type of device

The team at Parkview have researched and investigated to find the best affordable device that suits the needs of our learners and the programmes we implement. The device we have selected is the Acer C731 Chromebook. Information on this device can be found here.

Senior School

From year 5-8 each student is allocated a Chromebook which stays with them until the they graduate and move on to highschool. These devices are used across the curriculum and are the preferred/main learning tool.

Students are given the opportunity to use these devices to express their learning in a motivating and creative manner. We work to a Learn-Create-Share model and the engagement from students is overwhelming. Each student is equipped with their own school google account and blog to assist with the Learn-Create-Share model and provide them with all opportunities to continue and share their learning with both peers and family members. We also use a wide range of paid and free digital platforms to provide engaging and motivating learning programmes differentiated to each learners needs. Because of this our stationary needs are low but in lou we require a ‘digital book’ to help subsidize these fantastic programmes. Some of the programme we use are;

  • Mathletics

  • Read Theory/Study ladder/Kiwi kids news

  • Hapara teacher dashboard

  • Powtoons

  • Blogger

  • Google suite

In alliance with our schools I.C.T agreement all students are expected to keep their Chromebooks clean, undamaged and are to only be used as a learning tool. Breaches of this will be dealt with according to the schools I.C.T policy and procedure found via the school docs website. All students are made aware of the expectations and consequences of this knowing that any undesirable use of a device may result in the loss of their Chromebook or be required to pay for any repairs or replacement of damaged devices.

Junior school

Years 0-2 have access to a class pod of iPad’s which are used in sync with the learning programmes as a way of reinforcing learning, motivating student engagement and developing digital competences.

Year 3-4 have class pods of iPad’s and a team pod of Chromebooks. iPad’s are used similarly to the year 0-2 with the added advantage of more independent use. Chromebooks are used as a stepping stone to what the students will experience in the senior school.

What is the school doing to ensure my child is safe while using a device?

The school has invested significantly in equipment to make sure our students are safe on their devices.

  • We use a Hapara teacher dashboard which allows us to track and monitor the sites the students visit and manage their google accounts including emails.

  • Our school has a robust firewall and N4L net security in place to limit unfavorable websites and spam.

  • All students work through a “Digital Citizenship or Manaiakalani” programme early in Term 1. Covering topics from keeping ourselves safe online, digital footprints and blogging to name a few.

  • On enrollment at our school all caregivers and students read and sign our “Student I.C.T Agreement” before being able to use any of the school devices.