Kids in Town - Art Gallery - 6 September


8th August 2018

Dear Parents/Caregivers

On Thursday 6th September the Junior and Senior Choir will be performing a small repertoire of songs at the Art Gallery. This ‘Kids in Town’ event is run by the Christchurch City Council and Parkview is one of many schools who will be participating.

  • l leave school at 11.50am and return at approximately 1.30pm. There will be no cost for the bus.
  • The choir will be singing from 12.35pm -1.00pm.
  • You are most welcome to come and watch your child perform.
  • Mrs Newton will accompany us but I will also need one other parent help. Please fill out the permission slip below and indicate if you are able to parent help. I will e-mail you to confirm your offer.  Your child will need to return their permission slip to me in Room 6.

Many thanks

Nicola Clarke and Mel Newton

I give permission for __________________________________ from Room ________ to sing at the Art Gallery on Thursday 6th September.

I am available to parent help.    Yes

E-mail  ____________________________________________

Signed _________________________

Parkview School