Support services

A wide range of outside agencies support the school when required:

  • Members of the MOE Advisory Service
  • Public Health Nurse
  • Speech/Language Therapist G.S.E
  • Itinerant R.T.S.N. (resource Teacher Special Needs)
  • Itinerant Dental Therapists
  • Mainstream Teacher Support
  • Resource Teacher – Maori
  • School Psychologist S.E.S – G.S.E
  • Resource Teacher -  Reading
  • Police Education Officer
  • Community Constable
  • Resource Teacher – Learning and Behaviour (RTLB)

A SENCO (Deputy Principal) oversees Learning Support needs within the school, supporting teachers and giving assistance with programmes as required.  A team of Learning Support staff work with targeted individuals and the numbers vary according to the number of students who qualify for teacher’s aide time.

A Reading Recovery programme operates within the Junior school. 

The public health nurse 

The Public Health Nurse, works alongside the school and home in matters concerning children’s health and welfare.  Indeed, these people are regarded as an extension of the school’s staff.  Parents who would like to receive advice or help from the nurse should contact the school so that arrangements can be made for a visit to your home or to follow up your request.

Hearing and vision checks

Canterbury District Health Board arranges for periodic checks on the children’s hearing and vision.  If you are concerned about your child’s hearing or vision contact the school, or visit your family doctor.

Dental services

Dental Therapists visit the school each year.  Examinations are carried out in a mobile clinic on site.  If, after an examination your children requires further treatment, you will receive a letter explaining where to take your child.

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